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"Your e-book was really amazing Jennie!
I loved it and I think it's very helpful. We all get stressed at some point. It's only human. Thank you for sharing this little book full of precious advice"
Love, Amelie
Bringing you to a place of internal peace and reconnection to yourself
Specialising in working with mothers to be calm centered and connected. From having four children I have experienced that if the mother is calm and at peace, then the family is. My passion is to assist mothers to be calm and centred by offering mums the chance to take some time out, decrease stress, and rejuvenate through healing sessions that i offer in the Yarra Valley. 

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Why choose to heal and grow with us?
"Unconditional love, support and guidance comes freely from Jennie as she assists you with your journey.   The session is one of deep relaxation, support and awakening."
"Jennie' intuitive guidance has been such a source of wisdom for me.  It has enabled me to understand the situations that are happening in my life, assess them and with her guidance make changes."
"After 14 years of making a difference for people, Jennie's deep understanding of one's spiritual nature and journey is present during the process of her healing sessions.   She is more than willing to share her knowledge, wisdom and skills to assist you."

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